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Artist ... Teacher ... Creative


The process of creation fascinates me... we move from thought, to word, to form in everything intrigues me, but especially as it relates to creating art.  Where does the idea for making art come from?  


I am currently experimenting with the concepts of intention and intuition...when do we consciously decide ... when do we act automatically?  I have been playing with these ideas back and forth...trying to create work that inspires others to grow, explore and be all that they can be. 


As a painter the process connects from brain to hand and flows as one onto the paper or canvas.  Using digital technology, the process is less intimate, but it is easier to experiment without fear of damaging what has already been created.  As I continue to play with both mediums, I look forward to growing, learning, and sharing what I create.





A mixed media artist specializing in acrylics, collage and digital art, my work has been published in online magazines and displayed in numerous solo and group exhibitions and galleries in Delaware, Maryland and North Carolina.  


Workshops are available through Raye of Light Studios and you can purchase my work through my website and through Fine Art America.   


"Holy Night"

 Creating art takes me to another place .... another world.  

The idea of creating other worlds, other places, other beings resonates deep within.  I am always excited by the surprises .... a sense of wonder that can happen when I take a chance.
Can you really have too much spatter?

I love spatter.  It is very hard to control and sometimes things happen that you don't expect or like...but is just kind of makes everything feel a bit magical!

"At a Cellular Level"

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