Sweet Friends

When my children were young, I was eager to give them the experience of camping. We chose a family camp in the Virginia mountains with screened in cabins, showers, and compost toilets. I remember: singing around the campfires, healthy food, lots of new friends, and an overall relaxing experience. The children remember: no electricity, outhouses, vegetarian food (yuk!), and thousands of mosquito bites!

I always loved the sweet faces on the picture below and it reminds me of that time. Josh and his little friend were sharing a happy moment (they did have some happy moments during those trips). It has been so much fun learning how to take an ordinary photo like this one and turn it into the piece of art above, "Sweet Friends".

My recent exploration into Digital Art has been a wonderful, creative outlet! I'll be using this blog to share some of my new art work and to give you a bit of the back story on some of my pieces. I am just learning about creating a website and a blog, so you will probably see a lot of changes over time. I do hope you will subscribe to my posts and share the website.

Thank you! Karen

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